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Planned Maintenance

All Quality Equipment Planned Maintenance ensures safety, avoids breakdowns and prevents downtime.

We work with our customers as trusted business partners to actively test your industrial equipment and create a plan of action to keep your equipment and your business running smoothly.

With Planned Maintenance You Can:

  • Identify wearing items before they fail, break or damage other parts
  • Save your business from the downtime associated to an impending failure
  • Ensure safety against accidents that could result from a failed part
  • Find safety related items that are inoperable and replace them, protecting your business from liability
  • Save on shipping and delivery by utilizing mobile vehicle’s stocked parts on having your technician
  • Bring upcoming needed parts for your next visit

How Planned Maintenance reduces costs: AQE understands what type of investment your business has made purchasing a heavy piece of equipment. Ignoring small costs now leads to bigger costs down the road.

Keeping lines clean – Let’s face it, our forklifts operate in less-than-optimal atmospheric conditions.  This leads to build-up in the filters that keep the air, oil and hydraulic fluid clean.  Sediments can wreak havoc on the internal working parts and result in premature failure, thus increasing your costs over the life of your equipment.

Tires – Tires that are worn or damaged increases the resistance of that tire and leads to increased fuel costs and can cause damage to the trucks steering ability.

The squeaky wheel needs the grease – When a part breaks, a forklift is out of service and typically results in more down time and decreased productivity. Keeping key points properly lubricated reduces friction which reduces wear.  This results in smoother operation, improved performance and elongated part life.  Combining all these reduces your operating costs.

Worn parts – Replacing worn parts before they fail saves in several ways.  When parts fail it can often lead to damage of or failure of other parts.  Replacing what’s worn now improves up-time and reduces the likelihood of the forklift needing to be taken to the shop for more extensive repairs.

Well-Trained Mobile Forklift Technicians

Most customers prefer their forklifts and industrial equipment to be maintained and repaired by the same person. Our technicians are highly trained professionals capable of performing both routine inspections and making critical repairs. We proactively stock our technician’s mobile vehicles to have parts needed for common repairs. Having the same technician complete planned maintenance and any needed repairs reduces or eliminates many steps in the repair process that are often taken for granted.

What’s Included in AQE’s Planned Maintenance Plan

  • Inspection
  • Minor Adjustments
  • Lube
  • Oil Changes
  • Filters

*Our Maintenance Agreements are custom tailored to each environment and equipment type. Some exclusions may apply in certain situations.

All Quality Equipment also offers Full Maintenance Plans that also include major repairs, hydraulic service, and wearable replacements like belts, hoses, brake shoes, and spark plugs.

Planned Maintenance is the proactive and responsible way to find common forklift issues like:

  • Low oil
  • Loose belts
  • Cracked hoses
  • Thin brake pads
  • Worn spark plugs
  • Old battery
  • Worn tires
  • Damaged tire
  • LLC mixing with engine oil
  • Oil leak
  • Loss of lifting ability
  • Loss of speed
  • Bad belt tension
  • Hard starting
  • Rough idling
  • Poor acceleration
  • Poor charging
  • Deteriorating battery